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"It's not personal, it's business!" That's BULL!

I had this realization not to long ago about the saying, " It's not personal, it's business." The more I think about it the more it drives me crazy!!

When I first started my business like many other startups I had no idea what I was doing. Every small step forward was a leap and every decision that I made took me much longer then I thought it would. It's your livelihood though! Your business is your baby!! One day in my first year of business I learnt the ultimate lesson about having a solid contract, when one of my clients at the time decided that they didn't want to pay me for my work. I'm sure everyone has gone through this at least once in their life. After venting to my significant other, my parents, my friends, and reading way too many articles online on how to deal with the loss, I kept hearing the same thing just in different ways.

It's not personal, it's business!

From that point on I heard that saying over and over again to "justify" any mishaps that might have come my way throughout build my business. Hell, I even said it a few times while trying to convince myself that it was true. But let's face it. It's all a bunch of BULL!

As a small business owner IT IS personal when someone doesn't pay you! It is personal when a client decides to stop working with you. It is personal when you get a good or bad review on Google or Facebook. It is personal because you care! You care about yourself, about your families well being, about your clients, about your business, about your success! It all matters!

So the next time someone says to you, " Don't worry about it, it's not personal - it's business." Remember, it is ok to feel a little down in the dumps. What you are building is important to you! It might not be personal to them. But it's personal to you!

Until next time.


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