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Networking Series: Making yourself Memorable

Last time, we talked about networking and how, like myself, you can turn your nerves into your passion without even knowing it. Piggybacking on that idea, a big part of networking is figuring out how to make yourself memorable. This is probably the hardest thing and definitely something that I’m still figuring out. So I’ll start with this, what does ‘being memorable mean to you?’

When you walk into a job interview or a situation where you need to impress someone new, your first initial thought is that you have to beat the previous person by being a little faster in speech delivery or by being more professional. Little do most people know, that most people don’t care about the delivery on what they already know, or how you’re better than the other guy. What they care about is you. What makes you, you and what excites you about your desired field. Embrace your passion, whether you like helping others for the better or solving puzzles and problems, use that as your amo. It’s the little things about yourself that will stand out to a potential lead and make them remember you. Once you remind yourself about what you love, your passion shines through and makes it so much easier to network.

Making yourself memorable isn’t all about talking and selling yourself. A vital part is listening and listening intently. It may seem redundant, but being genuine and a sincere listener only sets you up for success and helps makes them remember you in the end. A lot of people will “fake it till they make it” and unfortunately for them, a lot of people can see through that. They can pinpoint the difference between sincerity and wanting a job versus not caring because you just want the money. I know what you’re asking now, “what are some tips that can make me listen better?” The easiest things you can pick up on is listening to keywords overly said, different names and specific details. And make sure to either repeat or find a way to relay them back into conversation later on.

You are your own individual person with many different qualities that make you unique. Embrace them, be genuine and if you get nervous, don’t be afraid to tell stories to paint a visual and get the conversation back on track to feeling comfortable. Lastly, even though you will hear scary words like networking or job interviews, don’t think of them as that. Turn it around and think of it as describing to someone new what you love to do. The real and raw emotional in your passion is what’s going to set you apart from the rest. Be different, not better.

Until next time, readers



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