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Show your strength through your vulnerability

I have made it a new practice to listen to a podcast that will make me think and learn while driving anywhere business related. Last week my podcast of choice was about overcoming feeling of being vulnerable in your writing. The more I listened to it the more I could totally relate to it when it comes to social media!

Social media for business is my life! My true passion! Therefore, when I was listening to this podcast I was thinking of all of the conversations that I have had with people and how one of the biggest fears of any start-up business owner is making themselves public, not their business, themselves. I am a firm believer that if people see the brains behind the words, their potential client will feel like they can trust them more.

I know at first it can be hard because you are worried about what people might think of you but that is what is holding you back. But that little bit of doubt is your fuel to greatness! That little bit of vulnerability is what ti going to make you successful! If someone doesn't like what you have to offer, then take it with a grain of salt and keep going! My advice to you is push beyond those doubts and insecurities in your social media (just like you did when you started your business)  and show the world your true value! Vulnerability is good, but like everything else, it has its limits.

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