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The top 5 outsourced features for small business owners

So, you started your very own business. You poured in your heart and soul, your blood and sweat, your tears and time, and - surprise - it's doing well! Really well... too well. Suddenly, you can't keep up with demand on your own. You come to the exciting and somewhat frightening realization that you can (or need to) afford to outsource some features of your business in order to keep up. But where to start? The logical starting point is an area where you don't have skills. Obviously, if you took 3 years of taxation at university, you're not looking for an Accountant. Next keep your friends and family in mind. Have you got a niece who's just starting out as a Virtual Assistant? A family friend who runs an IT firm? If you're still scratching your head, here's a list of the top five outsourced jobs for small business owners:

1. An Assistant - specifically a Virtual Assistant for today's technological workforce. Let someone else do your busy work! An Assistant can put together your schedule, field calls from clients and potential clients, print, copy, and digitize your receipts and communications, and a host of other specialized functions for your specialized business. Because this person could become the external face of your business, be sure you choose someone who represents your brand well.

2. A Content Writer - Writing is time-consuming! And if you can't remember which "their" goes there or which "right" to write you may come across as amateur or even uneducated. Save a step by becoming an editor instead of a writer.

3. IT or Graphics - These are specialized fields where not many of us have expertise. A professional logo, letterhead, business card, or website can go a long way in impressing your clientele.

4. An Accountant - Doesn't your head just spin at tax time? This feature is especially important given the number and complexity of government programs available for small businesses. Don't miss out on free money!

5. A Marketing/Social Media Specialist - Keep the momentum going by placing the right ads in the right spots and leading people to your professionally curated Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Nothing spells success quite like Social Media today. This feature alone can save you hours every day for you to refocus into your business.

A final tip - double-down on securing the right person for you by outsourcing the hiring process! A Human Resources Consultant can help you stay true to your brand by hiring the perfect match for you all while making sure that your relationship and contract will be legally defensible.

If you are in the market for any of these consultants I would be more then happy to connect you with one of my contacts! All you need to do is, ASK!

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