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Top 5 Scary Effective Marketing Tips for Start-Ups

Top 5 scary effective marketing tips for start-ups with an image of a scary house

It is hallo-week and I am freakin' excited! In my house, we go all out for Halloween and start decorating pretty much on October 1st. It is a time that you can step out of your comfort zone and wear your onesie to work or eat a ridiculous amount of those mini chocolate bars and feel no guilt (ok maybe a little guilt) but most importantly just have fun! Just like Halloween running and growing a start-up business should be fun! You should be stepping out of your comfort zone often, taking risks (damn mini chocolate bars) and showing the world you got this!

Sometimes though the hardest part about growing is knowing where to start when it comes to your marketing. Here is a list of my top 5 most important and I think most effective marketing tasks that you should be doing, not only around Halloween but always!

1) Understand your target audience - Holy jumpin' there is a reason why this is the first on the list. This is EXTREMELY important. If you don't know what your audience likes, where they hang out, how much they are willing to spend or who they really are... how on earth are you going to market your product or service to them?

My suggestion is for you to research your target audience as much as you possibly can. Go on social media sites, go to where your audience hangs out online and in the real world, talk with them and ask a million questions!

2) Build a solid foundation - Having a solid foundation is so important for your mental, emotional and physical well being in life and in your marketing. Think of it this way, without the foundation to your house, the walls and roof really wouldn't be standing. A great way to start building a foundation for your marketing is to have a website that represents your business to its fullest! Make sure that your messaging is down pat so that there is no confusion. This way your marketing foundation can support your business so that you don't need to be "on" all the time.

3) Market yourself - When you are a start-up you are trying to develop a brand that everyone is going to know but before you can become a Nike Swoosh, be the version of yourself that you want people to want to know. The best way to do this is simple things like giving a good handshake when you meet someone, dress the way that you feel best and make sure that your online presence is top-notch for anyone who may stumble across you or searches your name.

4) Don't just sell to your audience, engage with them - When promoting and selling your products or service to your audience make sure that you don't sound like an infomercial. Even though I am sure that your audience would love to have that additional cheese grater for only $1 it's not getting them involved in your business. The best way to engage with your audience online is to ask questions, make videos and ask your audience to do something for you. If it is sharing their opinion on something, or simply liking your post. You need to remind your audience regularly that there is in-fact a human behind that computer screen and you care about them.

5) Step away from the computer and go network - You cannot rely on the internet to make you famous. I know that some people have done it with their super impressive YouTube videos but let's face it. With all the YouTube videos out there there is a goblin hair size amount of people who actually get found. If you want your product or service to be found by your audience you need to get out there and represent your business. You should make it your goal to attend at least 2 networking events a month at the very minimum. Bring your business cards and go meet like-minded people who are trying to do the same. If something like this totally freaks you out, I suggest doing the buddy system.

Starting up is hard, I get it! And with so much information out there that is supposed to be sure bet of success, it is hard to know what you should do first. Hopefully, this list points you in the direction that you need to go in. If you are needing a buddy to attend an event with, bounce ideas off of or a marketing right-hand lady hit me up! I am here to help in any way I can. Your success is my success too!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have a spooktacular day! 👻🎃🦇

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