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Words of Wisdom - Work Life Balance

I was having a conversation with someone another day who was just starting their business. As an entrepreneur I am sure you remember the rush of starting out, the high amounts of enthusiasm, the drive to do everything all in one day and the blinders everyone seems to put on in order to make it all happen.

This amazing entrepreneur was contacting me on boxing day with a drive so strong to get his business up and running that he was looking for someone to build him a website before the New Year. When I first started my business I would have jumped on the opportunity to do this. The thrill of making another business owner happy, the opportunity to continue to build my portfolio and the extra cash after Christmas all sounded amazing but this time I took a step back and thought - I don't want to be working right now when my family is right here and my Christmas tree is still up and I have all these fun new things to play with. So I politely declined and said, "if you are okay with your website being build in January, I would be happy to help." Honestly, I felt more proud of myself for doing that then I probably would have if I took the job.

It is SO important to have work-life balance. You hear of so many small business owners burning out and having to close their doors because they "just didn't have it in them to keep going." It's so sad to hear these stories because deep down you know that if that person just stopped and looked for the signs it might have been preventable. Burn out is scary, degrading and well a bummer. You fall behind, you lose out on sales, your business slumps but most importantly, your health is impacted. Nothing is more important then YOU!

So, some words of wisdom as you go into 2019 with guns a blazin', don't forget to take time for yourself. Close your laptop and go on the ski day with your family or do a paint night with your friends. In the end, you will be a happier and healthier version of yourself then if you were to work that one more hour (or two) before finishing work for the day.

Remember, without you, your business isn't a business so take care of yourself first and don't forget to


- Amy

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